Us-Open 2022 – The Results

The “Vista Pirate Team” moved to the US-Open
Ben, Katell, Laurent and Thomas were not unworthy.
Thomas for his first participation led his hotly contested final until the last minute, and at a very high level, before the reigning world champion made the powder talk and regained first place. Thomas therefore finished 2nd in his category.
Katell for her first participation also finished 2nd in her final. Katell was assisted by Ben, this team is exceptional, because it is the only 100% disabled pair present in the competition.
Ben finished 3rd in his final
A very good course also for Laurent, who fails at the gates of the semi-final, by a few tenths of a point.
Well done !

Thomas 2d in Men Blind Division
Ben 3d in Stand 1 Division
Katell with big smile – 2d in Women Prone 2 Division