UK 2019

Adapted surfing, para surfing, adaptive surfing, handisurfing, whatever the word, can be practiced in competition.

Competitors are not satisfied with the space which is left to them within the framework of international and national federations in general.

Thus, outside the annual world championship, which always takes place on the same spot for reasons other than sports and national championships organized mostly on “B beaches”, events organized by local associations have been born for some years.

Today, the highlights are Hawaii, Oceanside (California) and Fistral (UK), although other events have taken place in Wales, Bali and Costa Rica.

But the competition, apart from the purely sporting aspect, it is also an opportunity for those who can participate in these events to meet athletes from very different backgrounds and to discover dreamed places in this path so formative that is that of travel.

All riders would like to participate and share these special moments which this time transcend surfing to place them in their belonging to the world.

Only one pitfall and it is a major one: financing.

Thus, FAST undertakes within the framework of its competition program to finance or contribute to the financing of the displacement of confirmed and autonomous riders on competition places subject to its means and its arbitrations.

The credo of the association is that of empowerment, brotherhood and the liberation from all forms of submission. It is in this sense that FAST seeks to limit the funding of its teams of competitors to its riders who take care of themselves independently and in a complementary manner.