All the riders want to increase their skills, progression serves the Game.

Increasing his performance can serve the trajectory of a competitor as it can serve that of a free rider who wants to push his limits.

Either way, this approach serves the development of the individual and his hardening in the face of difficulty, failure and ultimately victory. It serves both the practice of surfing and the posture of the rider in society, once he has gone from his neoprene suit to his civilian suit.

  • Assuming a problem, and an answer:
  • My goal today is to tubriding.
  • My targets: La Gravière, Mundaka, Pipeline at 2m +.
  • I have tempo issues, then placement issues. The tube is still accidental.

FAST offers this rider coaching sessions out of the water with a specialist who will explain the issues of wave choice, placement before, during the take off, at the bottom of the wave and then managing the balance of his board in the barrel and mastering the management “of the moment” into the “green room”.

The reality is always better than the simulation and the funded program includes several “real water” sessions with the same coach; from the beach, to the line up.
The trainings are the subject of aquatic shots or filmed from the beach.
Depending on the degree of maturity of the surfer, a few sessions can lead to a click.
A few others, spaced out, can confirm the mastery of the practice…