We are a 1901 law association, made up of Surfers, who are “disabled”. Since Octobrer 2021, we are part of the UFOLEP Federation.

Fast for the purpose:

  • Reflection on the practice of parasurfing at national and international level.
  • Detection, monitoring, placement of members with a view to raising their performance level.
  • The development of “peer-emulation” to promote autonomy and sharing, and thus make it easier to move around events
  • Funding for performance improvement programs
  • Reflection on the equipment intended for the practice of adapted surfing
  • Funding for travel by competing members worldwide
  • Funding of events organized by the association
  • Dissemination in companies or within institutions of animation formats, meetings, symposia or conferences on the concepts of involvement, performance, surpassing.

You can contact us at: contact@fastsurf.fr

Lexical-semantic fields:

Throughout the site we use the term “High Level”, although Para Surfing is not recognized as a « High Level » discipline like Surfing. It is therefore necessary to understand by analogy: Sportsman who achieves a performance or obtains a significant classification, or who participates in international competitions. You will agree that it is easier to write “High Level” than to use the previous definition in our writing.

Finally, we hope that our discipline will become in the near future, just like surfing, a « High Level » discipline and an Olympic discipline.

[Edit July 2021] : The Parasurf is now recognized by the French sport Ministry. More details on the application of this decision is planned for January 2022