Eko-Fast Initiative

The oceans and nature are our playground, we are deeply attached to them. But through our activities related to Surfing, and especially Surf-Trips and competitions mainly internationally, we are accumulating a debt to our planet.

Aware of this problem, FAST has decided to offset its carbon debt, not only since 2020, the year of its creation, but a poor year in terms of events and travel, but since 2019 by integrating the team’s international travel.

To offset our carbon footprint, we have chosen to support, via ecoact, the “Water sanitation in Ethiopia” project, which is described below:

“By rehabilitating broken boreholes and facilitating long-term maintenance, this carbon offset project provides communities with a sustainable supply of clean water.For many people living in Ethiopia, access to clean water is not available outside the cities. This means people take water from rivers and lakes, risking water-borne diseases like cholera and typhoid. “

The complete description of the project: https://eco-act.com/…/assainissement-de-leau-en-ethiopie/

We will publish at least once a year, our carbon footprint and the offset actions implemented.

We hope that this initiative will emulate as much as possible .

We would like to thank Ekosea for its invaluable advice, allowing today the realization of this solidarity and ecological approach.Good surf